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Maya 2020
ZBrush 2021
Substance Painter
Unreal Engine
After Effects
SONY Imageworks proprietary software
Disney proprietary software
Digital Domain proprietary software
• See online portfolio -
• Working with UE4 Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) attribute
• Normal map enhancement for VR
• Experienced with HTC Vive ( tethered and wireless ) and Oculus Rift /Touch
• 3D look-dev with Marmoset Toolbag
• Basic experience with game engine UE4 - I'm NOT a game engineer/level designer/ C# programmer
• Facial Action Coding System (FACS) blendshape sculpting
• Thorough working knowledge of Maya's modeling\ UVing tools
• 3D printing - ZBrush sculpting to 3D printer pipeline experience - Shapeways
• Designing polygon edge flow & retopologizing
• Experience building organic models for effective facial and body deformations
• Experience building hard surface models with subD shored up edges
• Experience working in Linux \ Windows \ Macintosh environments
• Rigging of characters/sets/props – Maya
• Teaching - CSULB professor - ability to mentor effectively
• Hair Grooming – xGen - Arnold rendering 
• Texturing – Substance Painter, ZBrush & Photoshop• 2D sketch artist
• Camera projection modeling and texturing techniques
• Experience working with Agile / SCRUM / Jira in a production environment
• Problem-solve complex compositing issues using Nuke within a VFX pipeline
• High level of knowledge compositing 3D elements within NUKE - using 3D assets to create mask
• Experience working with Perforce in a production environment
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